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Tourism mega-trends

A report from Deloitte and New York University claims that players in the hospitality industry will need to address four main issues in the next three to five years. The report called 'Hospitality 2010' sees four 'mega-trends' as shaping the financial future of the industry. First, the report predicts that brand will become the main deciding factor in choosing a hotel. While location is currently 'extremely influential' with nearly all travellers, hotels that satisfy their customers can expect to see improved customer loyalty. Second, a growth in the market in China, India and the Gulf States will see opportunities and challenges for the hospitality industry in both domestic and international travel. Opportunities in the luxury end of the US market are also expected, with spending on tourism set to double by 2015. Third, an ageing population will see a shift in the kinds of activities that tourists engage in, with more people expected to want cultural and event-based tourism. Europe should continue to be the number one tourism exporting region, with the percentage of the population over 65 set to rise from 15% to nearly 25% in 2015. And finally, those wishing to stay in the game will need to catch up with technology. More people are now relying on the Internet for travel information, and are seeking services such as online room selection and personalised check-in.
Ref: PRNewswire (US), 05 June 2006, 'Hospitality 2010: Four 'Mega-Trends' to Shape Future Financial Success, Says Report From Deloitte and NYU'.
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Twice the speed of sound with a fraction of the noise

Plans are underway for a new breed of supersonic jet, to be developed by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency in conjunction with NASA and several Japanese machinery makers. The design is attracting attention for its low noise emission, which are hoped to be only 1% of those produced by the Concorde supersonic jet. Along with its noise reduction capabilities, the jet will also use less fuel, with elemental technologies being developed to reduce air resistance to the body. It is hoped the jet will be on the market by 2012, offering 200 to 300 passengers a quieter, five-hour trip from Tokyo to Los Angeles.
Ref: Nikkei Weekly (Japan), 15 May 2006, 'Supersonic jet planned for 2020 flight'.

Luxury camping

Hotel chain Travelodge has come up with a way to take its products directly to the people. The Travelpod, being soft-trialled in the UK, is a mobile hotel room which can be delivered to sites off the back of a truck. A sealed six-metre clear polycarbonate box, the Travelpod contains a double bed, carpeted floor and private toilet and has its own generator for lighting. The concept is aimed at those that want to attend music festivals, but don't necessarily enjoy the camping that goes along with outdoor events. For a little extra, festival goers can enjoy the comfort of a warm bed rather than the usual mud-covered tent. Travelodge say their aim is to make accommodation more accessible to the public, with the Travelpod being the 'ultimate budget fun alternative'.
Ref: The Guardian (UK), 28 July 2006, 'Mobile hotel room in a field of its own', L. Katz.
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